aries_x3 (aries_x3) wrote in i_hate_my_ex,

He had some problmes


I'm just beginging to think that my ex has a personality disorder.
When we first met I thought he was charming he had a nice voice
very clear and calm he never said anything rude and we would talk on the phone for hours.
at the time it seemed like it would make a great relationship.
But as soon as we got togeather its was like nonstop drama
firstly I was 14 and a half and he was 19 going on 20 so nobody liked the idea
espically my mom but you know at that age you'll pretty much believe anything
so he fed me a load of shit.....
First there was this thing about him having feelings for his ex and still loving her
he was basicly lying about it the whole time
at first I couldn't find proof but as the relationship went on it bacame more and more

then there was him not getting a job
which ment no money for dates or annivrsy gifts ect....
people were nice about it at first but after 6 months to a year
it just started to look bad he would always crash at a friends
place and not pay rent till they was about to kick him out
and then he would go and get some measly part time Mcjob
and evetually get fired or quit.
once he did get kicked out he would move in with another friend
He just quit calling me it was like I would get a phone call one a week
or whatever when he was comming over or whatever and half the time
I didn't get a call at all. I wish I could say it doesn't get worse but it does.

He would always show up late no not just five mintues I'm talking at least an hour
late every time it came from showing late to not showing up at all he would tell me he
was gonna come over on a cetain day and then not show up or even call to tell me he wouldn't be there
 and at first it wasn't a big deal
but after 5-6 times I was pissed espically after I had blown off my friends
to see him.
Also I don't really know why but he would show up smelling bad like he hadn't showered or brushed his teeth and he would take off his shoes and stink up the whole room it was just gross
I even told him about it politely and he still didn't fix any of it

Fianally I just told him that he needed to do something with his life and he decided
to go to school at the time I was sharing a bank account with him
because I was working full time at the age of 16...
I didn't want my mom tapping into my bank account
cuz I was underage so I trusted him with it.
then he wound up convincing him to help him with school
we agreed that once he graduated he would help me with college once he graduated
well I paid about 3,000 for his schooling and he failed so when it came time
for college I didn't have any money plus I was emabressed as hell
cuz my mom knew about me giving my paychecks to him

basicly the reltionship got progressively worse he threw me across the room our second valtentines day togeather.
He would get angry for no reason at all like one time I farted in front of him and he yelled and said godamn
you could have at least gone in the other room. I started telling him I just wanted to be friends or break up and he would tell me he was going to kill himself and that he had just swallowed poison or that he was going to move out of state and never speak to me again.
I asked him if he could please call me twice a week and he called me a complete bitch.
he even held up the phone so that I could hear all of his friends making fun of me in the background.
He was rude to my mom too he didn't respact our boundaries
he would come over and eat our food like it was his.
acting like he fucking lived there it was really starting to piss me off.

When I was moving away for college he got all clingy and stuff like he was crying when I left but I didn't even care I just
wanted to get away from him. I guess thats when we stareted to fight real bad
It was getting to the point were I was having trouble undrstanding what we were fighting about
or why we started fighting in the first place.

The straw that broke the camels back was when he moved in with me....
he told me he was going to jobcorps to get an education and that he would only stay there a week
before he was leaving for there but he wound up staying two months....
I was trying to search for something on his laptop and found his exgirlfriends name in the search history like 20 times..I was so upset thatI kicked him outta my room for the night....
basicly he sat outside the door whining saying that he was gonna kill himself till
he woke up my roomate and even slipped a knife under the door

The next day as I was leaving for school I was shutting the door and he just started calling me names
like bitch slut whore!!!
I just left because I didn't have time for his bs
and after he left my appartment I broke up with him

My only real regret is spending so much time and energy on that relationship
I droped out of highschool and wasted and entire years paychecks on him
I did dangerous things to go and see him such as riding my bike down the highway at
4 in the moring or skip school and stuff and walked to his house....the relationship cause me to have anxiety and fight with my mom
plus it ruined my reputation with alot of people and their parents
sometimes I wounder about all the things I could have done
with the money I gave to him
I guess its good that I am not with him now

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