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"Men and their Penis" THREE stories in ONE!

This I am not only writing because it happened to me.
But also my mum and my aunts.
These are the men we've had in our lives.
My ex left me after 15 months together for someone older than he because he didnt feel like my boyfriend but my "babysitter" but that story isn't an interesting one. This is the story of the women in my family.

1 "The husband, the wife, the girl, her dad and the pizza shop"
My aunt is a saint. A good woman, taking care of her three small babies while her husband (Chris) worked at a pizza shop. Now my uncle had always been biggish, but all of the sudden he started to work out, he lost weight and he started to look good. He became an arrogant prick, took up smoking and decided he wanted a bike (which he didnt get but still wanted the image of a bikie) and started treating my aunt like she was worthless.
In this mean time a girl whom worked with him started to create problems. My aunt became suss and although she had an idea something was happening she had no proof. For some reason two days ago this girl's dad came into the shop and started threatening my uncle Chris. He told the dad not to make a show that his wife was in the shop so they went outside for their fight, apparently the girl showed up home drunk and the dad kicked her out.
Yesterday hell broke loose. The dad went to the shop to "kill" my uncle with a knife. Uncle Chris had to close the shop early and tried running away. Once home Chris wouldnt tell my aunt what was happening. She couldnt understand why this was coming about..why it was so "personal" thats when the police came and my uncle had to come clean.
He had been screwing this girl for four months!!
He is 40 years old! She is only 19! Imagine I am 21! my dad is 40! This girl could easily have been his daughter. How could the dad not want to kill him?
My aunt is now devastated left alone with three small kids.

2 "The family man"
When my aunt introduced us to our "new" uncle Sergio we couldnt be more happy for her. He was the perfect family man she's always needed for herself and her kids.
This guy would show everyone what a great guy he was, CONVINCING us all that he was. Taking us to his rich sister's house to show how family orientated he was, USING her to look good. After making my aunt suffer for so many months he said to her he was confused, but wanted to be with her no matter what whilst telling everyone else he had broken up with her and that he didnt want to see her again so he could parade his other woman, Whom he also conviced he was a good family man and that she was the only one for him.

3 My mother's life story
I am sure this story is very familiar to 99.9 % women out there, it also happened to my mum, my dad was living la vida loca while she was taking care of me and my little brothers, working as a slave to provide my dad with the perfect clean house and home made food. After 23 years of marriage (they met when mum was 14 and dad 17) dad now, finally at 40 years old has he changed to a mature, good husband and dad. How long did my mother put up with him? To be honest I still dont know why she did...I suppose she loves him too much.

It is very sad, but I would say the moral of this story is rather a painful one for us women, so painful that we struggle to admit and we continue fooling ourselves into thinking that honest man still exist. Well, if they do, I haven't encountered any one. The truth is their priorities go like this:
1- Their penises
2- Their friends
3- Their job and car
4- Their dog
5- Their children
6- Their wives

Women, be aware! Do not trust anything that comes out of their mouths unless it is also confirmed by their peers that are not their friends (be aware: His best friend is your worst enemy alibi-provider-lawyer shit).
And even so, make sure the ones that provide you with information about them are not partial, because they build around them a network of deception so everyone is deceived into thinking they are good fellas and are ready to give an excellent report on them. Go to the places that they go, listen what they say, ask around, build trust with the people around them so they would tell you what they really are like and most of all, Do you know the old lady/women/men that they say you shouldn't trust because they are not good/gossipers/lying whores/bad friends? They are exactly the person you should be asking, because they are probably the mother of the one they broke their heart/the women they cheated on/the husband they stole the wife from and they are exactly the ones you should be asking for info.
If this warnings are too late for you, this is what you should do:
Expose all their filth so they are shown as the bastards they really are and they feel the shame they should feel, and at the same time, you would save another naive woman from their lying claws.
Good luck my friends, if you find a man that is worth something, you won the lotto.
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