slowlygoinginsane (walkingpower) wrote in i_hate_my_ex,

i hate my ex, but...

I agreed to see my him again tonight (after meeting with him last week for coffee) this time, he wants to watch movies and chill at a hotel...and i said yes to it thru texting him. hes supposed to call around 7pm. Im so defensive though and dont want to get hurt by him again. we basically havent been together in almost 2yrs. but this is the dude that fucked my over by seeing someone and being in a complete relationship w her 2x. Its just that he caught me at a real low point of my life. i live at home,went thru a dumb relationship with a younger guy who then got an arranged marriage(i think now he says its not im just always depressed and have no life. i want to drink before seeing him. im so down. this is making me have anxiety but at this point wtf cares.
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