slowlygoinginsane (walkingpower) wrote in i_hate_my_ex,

what a jerk

i keep stalking my ex(who is arab and got"arranged marriage") and now his myspace says "in a relationship"yet, the ENTIRE time when he was with me,it was "single". (im almost he stalks mine because this last week i lied and put in a relationship and my mood as "loved" because i know he knows my site name(we used to be "friends") yeah, and i forgot to write in here that i met up with him 2 weeks ago to "talk" and he basically got me to sleep with him again. he had called me from a new number (i didnt know it was him and when i answered it was shocking)and that was after he shut off his phone or else changed the number for a good 3 weeks! then i felt guilty as hell. he kept saying that girl on the phone was his cousin and he told her to tell me they were engaged to get back at me for shutting off my phone. then, he had gotten like all his hair cut. it looked bad. i dont mean to be shallow, but he used to have his hair in a low pony tale its what attracted me to him?
so, then he goes on to tell me he got a job delivering things and would be making trips that may take up to 10 days and he might not have his phone on or working! (lol, please). i was just like oookkkaaaayy. so then, after the entire sleeping with him(which was pretty much almost forced again, bad, and just i wanted to leave). he calls me later that night and was trying to talk, but i seriously think that he is a cheater and just finally realized what a looser, unstable, and majorly different from me he is. so that all comes down to this. fuck men. god, why is my life so maddening right now? im soooo pissed and can not wait to drink on saturday. i want to at least feel somewhat good about myself. its all about drinking on saturday and dancing and just plain having fun talking to new people till i find someone, whether it be guy or girl. im serious.
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