KittyMoon (moonflowerstar) wrote in i_hate_my_ex,

My ex-boyfriend is so spiteful.

My ex and I are on the same social site for disabled people. It didn't bother me. I'm not gonna be rude unless he gets rude to me first. He wrote a bunch of lies about me in the forum. He's very spiteful. I replied back with the truth. He is mad. He has been bad-mouthing me in the chat. One of the people I chat with tells me about it. Plus, I saw some of it, but he won't say hardly a word when I'm in the chat. Just reads what I chat about with others. Kinda creepy. The only time I mention him is replying to the forum post he started and if someone asks. I found out today the petty dude is trying to get me banned from the social site, he was talking about it in the public chat. Like I said - spiteful. We haven't talked to each other except on that forum post in 4 months and he is still being a jerk to me. I found out quick why none of his relationships, but the first messed up one, last for more than a few months.

If anyone would like to read the forum here is the link:
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