slowlygoinginsane (walkingpower) wrote in i_hate_my_ex,

what an idiot he is

Hey. well ive been dating someone new, for like 4 1/2months. (but he is foreign and sometimes i just dontknow)but i was still kindof talking to and seeing sometimes my ex of 5yr relationship.(i know thats wrong) my family hates him and doesnt even know about our relationship and that is lasted that long. well, recently my ex wont even pick up the phone for days for me. he acts grumpy. He had cheated on me in the past and was verbally abusive. Anyway, i pretty much think hes seeing someone now. But im so happy i lasted this long w the new relationship. I just was still talking to my ex cause its like a friendship and childhood i didnt want to end? well he answered hisphone today and was like, "what do you want me to do? im about to get a house ad your family hates me so whats the point?" exactly. what is the point. f u bastard. like, he has done SOOO much to me and my family. when i found out he was cheating on me, i met the girl and we waited for him. he never showed up. then he had called my house and faked he was a cop and told my dad i got a d.u.i. and was in jail. my dad almost had a heartattack. he cheated on me 1ST. this was yrs ago. Hes also ugly. not being shallow, but im not as naiive and its now embarrassing. hes REAL skinny. the only good thing was i was intimately compatible w him. but i now realize that sex is something that is superficial and in the end its all how you feel about yourself when you are with they make you feel. as a person. he will NEVER have the love i gave him, from someone else. because, he is such a cold person and has such bad mood swings, ANYONE will leave him after a while. i was just stupid for sticking by him this whole time. i needed to vent . sorry 4 taking up room...
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